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Antechinus Audio Editor 2.4

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Antechinus Audio Editor is a powerful audio editing tool. Record, cut, edit, enhance, mix, convert and join audio files easily with the help of this program.

Antechinus Audio Editor supports import of audio files in all popular formats and has the capability to add more than 20 effects to them. The program has a visual editor that presents audio in wave form for easier editing and so that you can add effects to your audio, depending on your purpose.

The fast and intuitive point-and-click interface adds convenience and precision to editing and sound processing. Antechinus Audio Editor will make you feel like an expert sound engineer with its multi-channel editing feature.

Produce audio in different bit rate and quality depending on your needs. The multiple format support also enables you to convert your audio from one format to another without quality loss.

The program also supports Windows Clipboard so you can copy and paste segments of audio between programs and sound files that would be very useful in mixing and combining your audio files.

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Antechinus Audio Editor


Antechinus Audio Editor 2.4

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